Many staff working in schools at the moment are concerned about the mental wellbeing of the young people in their care. Since the Coronavirus pandemic, children have had to deal with isolation, fear, lack of education, illness, and uncertainty as well as all the things that they might have had to think about before any lockdowns.

I am passionate about early intervention for young people, and how this can impact their future. There are agencies available to schools which provide support and counselling to young people. These are fantastic but can be expensive, have very lengthy waiting lists, have specific criteria for a young person to meet in order to be seen, or offer only a small number of sessions.

I am offering to work in schools for blocks of sessions with young people who need some additional support, but maybe do not fit the criteria, or simply cannot wait 3 months to be seen by other agencies. I endeavour to see any young person within a week of agreeing to set up the sessions.

For ten 45-minute sessions with a child, over the course of 5-10 weeks, the fee is £240. If needed, there is the option of another 10 being contracted for. I require a quiet room within the school to see the children, however I bring all of my own equipment to use with the young people. I will, of course, be governed by the school’s safeguarding policy and will share any concerns with the designated safeguarding lead. I would be happy to tailor make a package for a school’s specific need such as requiring a bereavement support group or similar. Please contact me to discuss individual needs.